Coyote Winds 2 – Grown With The Wind

Nina returns for the second wild issue of Coyote Winds, featuring even more female muscle growth, sex, action, and attribute theft than last time!


Synopsis: Cursed by the native American trickster spirit Coyote, Nina Covey and her boyfriend, Brady Carlin, have been sent back in time to the U.S.’ old West, and Nina drains muscle and size from “her man” every time a coyote howls on the wind. After saving the now tiny Brady from a criminal named Quigley by turning the curse on him, Nina is now the target of Quigley’s gang. But what’s happening between Brady and the sexy, petite Miss Ella?

coyote_winds_2___quigley_returns_by_female_muscle_comics-d818jkv living_in_the_past_by_female_muscle_comics-d818m9t

Tags: Female muscle growth, humiliation, muscle transfer, sex, extreme muscle

Written by: Mac Rome

Lineart by: Davide Tinto

Colours by: Mohan

Lettering by: Kachimi

Cover Logo by: Andrea Errico

Pages: 15 + 1 Cover

Issue release date: March 24th, 2015

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Results May Vary 2 – Still Growing Strong

For Muscle Fan‘s first ever sequel comic there could only ever be one choice: Results May Vary 2! With the smash hit’s return comes several new ladies experiencing sexy muscle growth alongside last issue’s favourites growing even bigger!

You don’t want to miss this one!


Synopsis: In the aftermath of female muscle growth experiments, test subjects get together to help each other and another woman get even bigger. Meanwhile, Professor Von Stein continues his experiments, helping a tiny woman handle her tormentors. But when a rival needs his help, how will Von Stein respond?

results_may_vary_2___the_next_batch_by_female_muscle_comics-d8ggrki geek_goddess_by_female_muscle_comics-d8ggt33 elizabeth_enlarged_by_female_muscle_comics-d8kjdsq

Tags: Female muscle growth, size increase, mini-giantess, giantess, clothes ripping, button popping, shoes shredding, shoe busting

Written by: Giantess-Cassie

Lineart by: Salo

Colours by: :Ross A Campbell

Lettering by: Kachimi

Cover Logo by: StudioGFX

Pages: 15 + 1 Cover

Issue release date: March 10th, 2015

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Coyote Winds – Her Hear Howl

The first issue of Coyote Winds, our crazy time-travelling muscle growth adventure comic is now available! If you enjoy female muscle growth, sex, action, and/or attribute theft, then I am glad to inform you this issue has them all!


Synopsis: Nina Covey and her boyfriend, Brady Carlin, are cursed by Native American trickster spirit Coyote. Sent back in time to the U.S.’ old West, muscle and size switch from Brady to Nina every time a coyote howls on the wind. To end the curse, they must solve a mystery and get home. But as Brady gets smaller, he becomes a target of a criminal. Can Nina outsmart the curse?

coyote_winds___wild_wild_west_by_female_muscle_comics-d8iw0h1 141998595394527229 nina_and_her_man_by_female_muscle_comics-d7x85xt

Release Date: February 24th, 2015

Author: Mac Rome

Lineart: Davide Tinto

Colors: Ruben

Lettering: Kachimi

Cover Logo: Andrea Errico

Tags: Female muscle growth, humiliation, muscle transfer, sex, extreme muscle

Series Link: Coyote Winds

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MFan-watermark-black-330px-300ppi copyYou’ve waited long enough, but the time has indeed come… Muscle Fan has finally gone live! And as an apology for the long year of tantalizing, teasing previews for comics without a release date we’d like to introduce a little something we like to call “The Early Adopters Special!”

What this does is give fans access to our exclusive comics at special price. This is a limited time offer until our official launch. All early adopters will keep the special price, even after the official launch, so long as they keep their membership!

PLEASE NOTE- This offer expires February 1st, 2015!

That means, at a discounted price, you get:

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  • AND the first look at our first four comics:

Schooner-The-Sailor-Girl_01-SD copy

Schooner The Sailor Girl by Mac Rome & Xue

Schooner the Sailor Girl and her friend Dimples find the island where the treasured strength-giving greens of the legendary Puffear the Pirate are located. Their boat is sunk by freak weather on the way in, but it’s not a coincidence. Two of Puffear’s most dangerous foes also have found the island, and they won’t give it up without a fight.

La-Fuerza-Del-Amor_01-SD1 copy

La Fuerza Del Amor by Rolling Thunder, Kaka, and Wang

On the Day of the Dead celebration, Carlota Ochoa visits the grave of her mother for personal thought. She realizes that her relationship with her boyfriend is taking a very destructive turn that threatens her life. Unable to stand up for herself, she prays to her mother for the strength to do so. Her prayers are answered, but not in a manner as she would’ve expected…

Results-May-Vary_01-SD1_logo copy

Results May Vary by Giantess-Cassie, Salo, and Ross A. Campbell

Two scientists at the same university are pursuing funding for their separate projects on enhancing female muscle size and fitness. Each has had results that have been quite different between subjects. Can the scientist with a test subject referred to as “the Catastrophe” still win the grant?


Oopsy! by Mac Rome and Octo

Hallie was the most popular girl at Alexander College until she was eclipsed by her roommate Alyssa, who’s cute, petite and perky. Determined to be number one at any cost, Hallie uses a science nerd’s formula to cause Alyssa to grow into a heavily-muscled woman who doesn’t know her own strength. Can a muscular Amazon still be the cutest, most popular girl in college?

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