Hulking Heist – Stealing Strength 2

Hardbodied thief Pearl Loin is back to, er, purloin once more in the second issue of Stealing Strength! Her next target is TechnoTransit, a shady corporation that believes they’ve got a way to stop her criminal career. And best of luck to them – Pearl is bigger and stronger than ever! Stealing-Strength_02-SLIDEe

Synopsis: Tech-thieving TechnoTransit officials think they have what it takes to stop the shipment-wrecking, super-strong muscle woman calling herself Pearl Loin. Will they succeed, or will Pearl finally bring down these corporate criminals?
Stealing-Strength_02-logo-socialmedia Stealing-Strength_02-page-socialmedia

Written By: Mac Rome

Lineart By: Salo

Color By: Slasher

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, super-strong, feats of strength, lift and carry, crushing, clothes ripping, shoes ripping, height increase, sex, blowjob, science

Pages: 10 + 1 cover

Issue Release Date: October 10th, 2021

Series Link: Stealing Strength

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A Graceful Warrior – A Strong Determination

A magic potion transforms the powerless and proper Princess Grace into a horny and hulking heroine in A Strong Determination, the latest FMG fetish fantasy feature from Muscle Fan Comics!


Synopsis: Sir Finnigan is protecting Princess Grace Serencourt from a thug. During their struggle, Finnigan accidentally drops a small vial with a purple potion that rolls near Grace. After she drinks the potion, Grace’s muscles suddenly grow and, with her new strength, she easily defeats the thug herself. However, both the knight and the princess are unaware of the potion’s side effects on women…

a_strong_determinataion___power_potion_princess_by_muscle_fan_comics-dc94go4 AStrongDetermination01p03GFXletters-socialmedia

Tags: fantasy, muscle growth, height increase, breast expansion, ass expansion, clothes ripping, femdom, magic, sex

Issue release date: July 10th, 2018

Written byGuazzaquadro

Artwork by: Rukasu

Issue Link: A Strong Determination

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The New Protector – Rise of the Guardian 4

Rise of the Guardian returns by popular demand with a new chapter! Last issue we saw Hennethel complete her transformation into a muscular goddess, so the time has come for a new protagonist to enter our tale. Enter Salihn, a heroic elven woman who is about to join Hennethel’s ranks as one of her kingdom’s powerful and sexy defenders!

This issue is a must-have for readers who enjoy comics featuring fantastic worlds, epic battles, and muscle growth transformations!


Synopsis: This takes place sometime between Hennethel’s ascension and last two pages of issue III. After a period of debauchery, Hennethel decides to get to work finding new protectors for the elves. However, finding the right people isn’t quite as easy as she thinks it will be. Fearing a resurgence of the old elven empire, war has broken out as old enemies try one last time to stop the elves and their new goddess. Meanwhile, a young elf named Salihn is just starting out as a hero, and she’s about to find out exactly what it’s like to be mentored by Hennethel.

Rise-Of-The-Guardian-04-p00-GFX-logo-socialmedia RiseOfTheGuardian04p08GFXletters-socialmedia

Tags: Breast Growth, Muscle Growth, Sexual Content, Height Growth

Issue release date: February 10th, 2018

Written by: Edward Gibbon

Lineart by: Emmanuel Xerx Javier

Colors by: Mohan

Cover Logo by: Andrea Errico

Series Link: Rise of The Guardian

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