Strong Flavor – Chewable Workout

Can you imagine a world where a single pack of gum has the power to turn an average woman into a sexy, Amazonian powerhouse? No? Well, then it’s a good thing Strong Flavor exists to show you!


Synopsis: Two college girls often chastised by their male professor buy some special gum. The gum causes them to grow more muscular, taller, and bustier with each piece. They use the gum to exact some revenge on their misogynist instructor.

strong_flavor___bubblicious_muscle_babes_by_female_muscle_comics-d7wch45 making_the_grade_by_female_muscle_comics-d7u4ftx

Tags: Female muscle, muscle growth, height increase, mini-giantess, revenge, male domination, humiliation

Written by: Urza

Artwork by: Ly (Sedna Studios)

Cover Logo by: Studio GFX

Pages: 15 + 1 Cover

Issue release date: June 24th, 2015

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Results May Vary 2 – Still Growing Strong

For Muscle Fan‘s first ever sequel comic there could only ever be one choice: Results May Vary 2! With the smash hit’s return comes several new ladies experiencing sexy muscle growth alongside last issue’s favourites growing even bigger!

You don’t want to miss this one!


Synopsis: In the aftermath of female muscle growth experiments, test subjects get together to help each other and another woman get even bigger. Meanwhile, Professor Von Stein continues his experiments, helping a tiny woman handle her tormentors. But when a rival needs his help, how will Von Stein respond?

results_may_vary_2___the_next_batch_by_female_muscle_comics-d8ggrki geek_goddess_by_female_muscle_comics-d8ggt33 elizabeth_enlarged_by_female_muscle_comics-d8kjdsq

Tags: Female muscle growth, size increase, mini-giantess, giantess, clothes ripping, button popping, shoes shredding, shoe busting

Written by: Giantess-Cassie

Lineart by: Salo

Colours by: :Ross A Campbell

Lettering by: Kachimi

Cover Logo by: StudioGFX

Pages: 15 + 1 Cover

Issue release date: March 10th, 2015

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