Mightier Than Swords – A Changing of the Winds 2

A Changing of the Winds returns with a second issue featuring even more FMG-based samurai action as a whole clan’s worth of women are transformed into sexy amazonian warriors!


Synopsis: Despite Kimiko demonstrating her ability to acting clan head Ryosei, he is still unsure if it is the right path for the Homura clan. However, a message arrives from her father saying the Daimyo’s castle is under attack. Kimiko, knowing sending samurai will severely weaken the clan, quickly gathers a force of clanswomen before heading out to help her father.

a_changing_of_the_winds_2___defend_the_daimyo_by_muscle_fan_comics-daw974k kicking_ass_and_swinging_swords_by_muscle_fan_comics-daw973i

Tags: Samurai, female muscle growth, height increase, breast expansion, hair growth, violence

Issue release date: April 10th, 2017

Written by: Moodclock

Artwork by: Oscar Celestini

Series Link: A Changing of the Winds

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