Empowered Environmentalist – Tree Hugger

Tree Hugger‘s Lana proves once and for all that a strong woman “going green” does’t always have to be a she-hulk! Download yourself a copy today and enjoy the fantastic exploits of Muscle Fan‘s bulletproof nature lover!


Synopsis: Young scientist and environmentalist Lana is thrilled when she raises enough funds to start a research project in the rain forest. However, after several strange accidents and locals slow her research’s progress, she discovers that a company specialized in arms and applied sciences have built a secret complex into large parts of unexplored wilderness. Realizing she would receive no help from authorities, Lana starts a one-woman-guerrilla operation.

tree_hugger___force_of_nature_by_muscle_fan_comics-db9s67q guerrilla_muscle_growth_by_muscle_fan_comics-db9s64x

Tags: mini-giantess, female muscle growth, growing/bursting out of clothes, breast growth, feats of strength

Issue release date: August 10th, 2017

Written by: CiHity

Artwork by: Emmanuel Xerx Javier

Issue Link: Tree Hugger

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Case Closed – Stone Cold 4

All questions are answered in the action-packed final chapter of Stone Cold as our hero finally confronts the mastermind who threatens her future with a power from Stone’s past!

Featuring 22 full pages of non-stop action, height increase, and female muscle growth, The Two Silver Stones is the issue you’ve been waiting for!


Synopsis: Three members of a powerful Coketown family are dead. Two of the city’s three gangs have been decimated trying to bring down Silver Stone, and the third taken over by Yakuza. Silver’s snitch and lover, Alvy, learned what the cause of all of it was, and it cost him his life. Now Silver learns the secret for which so many have died as she has to face the astonishing truth: She’s not the first Silver Stone, and the original will stop at nothing to destroy her.

stone_cold_4___the_two_silver_stones_by_muscle_fan_comics-da26ikv silver_stone_versus_ninja_swords_by_muscle_fan_comics-da26iin

Tags: Female muscle growth, super-strength, invulnerability, ninjas, mini-giantess, height increase

Issue release date: July 24th, 2016
Written by: Mac Rome
Artwork by: Joseph Caesar S.D.
Series Link: Stone Cold

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