Fighting and Fucking – Total Knockouts

Travel back in time to the roaring 20s with the release of Total Knockouts, a Muscle Fan release for all the readers who enjoy comics that feature rough fight scenes, bisexual eroticism, and extreme female muscle growth!


Synopsis: It is a boxing match for the ages! Watch as our lovely competitors Annie and Lily give it their all in the ring! The winner? Whomever gets the most cheers after each round is given a shot of a special blend of whiskey. Much to the crowd’s pleasure, it definitely makes for a big event…

total_knockouts___whiskey_makes_them_frisky_by_muscle_fan_comics-dbd7lq6 boxing_babes_brawl_by_muscle_fan_comics-dbd7lpy

Tags: female muscle growth, height growth, breast growth, fighting, boxing, lesbian, sex, clothes ripping, nudity

Issue release date: September 10th, 2017

Written by: Trent Harlow

Artwork by: Octo

Issue Link: Total Knockouts

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Manga Muscle – Amazon! Amazon! Amazon!

Closely following the success of Maid of Honor, our first manga-inspired female muscle growth series, Muscle Fan is proud to announce the debut of Amazon! Amazon! Amazon!, an exciting new series featuring all kinds of sexy transformations and amazing displays of power!


Synopsis: Kinnikukawa University has a unique problem. There are too many clubs for the administration to help budget! To solve this issue, they organize MMA-style fights and let the clubs take a percentage of what they make for that night. It is the Go-hyakuen Club’s turn in the ring. And their fighter is the unbecoming Ami Tenkawa. However, by just uttering one simple word three times in a row, an amazing fighter is about to take the ring by storm!

amazon__amazon__amazon____fight_club_fmg_by_muscle_fan_comics-danzgxe female_muscle_growth_fighter_by_muscle_fan_comics-daobso0

Tags: Female muscle growth, height growth, breast growth, hair growth, transformation, clothes destruction, fighting, reverting, hypnosis, manga

Issue release date: January 24th, 2017

Written by: Kaisai Morihito

Artwork by: Rukasu

Issue Link: Amazon! Amazon! Amazon!

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Buff Battlefield Brawler – The Hatchet

The Wonder Woman movie is still months away from release, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait to get your “World War I Amazon action” fix! The Hatchet is now available for all fans of both classic adventure stories and muscular women!


Synopsis: During WWI, a group of French stragglers is trapped in the ruins of a church. The main character is a nurse. The German troops are approaching. They even have a tank with them. When things look grim, a miracle happens. The nurse gets “possessed” by Jeanne Hachette, the folk heroine. She transforms into an amazon and makes short work of the attackers.

the_hatchet___a_hero_reborn_by_muscle_fan_comics-dahz1g2 muscular_woman_versus_tank_by_muscle_fan_comics-dahz17l

Tags: World War I, transformation, muscle growth, height increase, fighting, feat of strength

Issue release date: November 24th, 2016

Written by: Roy Ellison

Lineart by: Everton Sousa

Colors by: Mohan

Issue Link: The Hatchet

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Third Time’s The Charm – The Redd Effect 3

Anya and Jade return for the third and final issue of The Redd Effect, but they’re not alone! A third woman has entered the fray, bringing you even more of the muscle growth, sex, and epic brawling readers have come to expect from this series!


Synopsis: Anya Redd’s transformation into a muscular beauty has been a rewarding experience. However, side effects of the formula are starting to creep up on her. What kind of epidemic could she potentially release upon the world?

the_redd_effect_3___showdown_in_the_streets_by_muscle_fan_comics-d9zv0v3 lily_s_female_muscle_growth_liberation_by_muscle_fan_comics-d9zv1sl

Tags: Female muscle growth, height growth, breast growth, outgrowing clothes, destruction, science, ejaculation, blowjob, growth during blowjob

Issue release date: July 10th, 2016
Written by: Rolling Thunder
Artwork by: Hart (Sedna Studios)
Series Link: The Redd Effect

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Brawn versus Blade – Steampumped 2

Muscle Fan‘s steampunk heroine Lucy Strang returns in the action-packed second issue of Steampumped, pitting her in a one-on-one death match against one of history’s most dangerous killers – Jack the Ripper!


Synopsis: Life-saving steam treatments have turned Lucy Strang into a powerhouse who has used her newfound strength to protect the poverty-stricken residents of Edinburgh’s under-city in late 1888. But the super-strong “Leather Lady” defeating men has drawn the attention of the man who calls himself Leather Apron. Can Lucy survive her battle with Jack the Ripper?

steampumped_2___blades_of_the_leather_apron_by_muscle_fan_comics-d9w95rb ripped_vigilante_versus_jack_the_ripper_by_muscle_fan_comics-d9wbbyk

Tags: Female muscle growth, super-strength, sex, violence

Issue release date: June 10th, 2016

Written by: Mac Rome

Artwork by: Amblagar

Series Link: Steampumped

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Brawling Beauties – Dueling Divas 2

The second chapter of Dueling Divas has arrived! If you enjoyed last issue’s combination of sex, attribute-theft-based transformations, and muscular ladies duking it out, then you’ll be happy to know that this issue includes even more of each!


Synopsis: Sandra has fought her way to a final confrontation with Eva, the bandit queen who has captured her village. Who will prevail, and what unfathomable form will their bodies take after this unprecedented streak of victories?

dueling_divas_2___winner_takes_all_by_muscle_fan_comics-d9ul8st muscular_catfighters_by_muscle_fan_comics-d9uhayh

Tags: Breast expansion, ass expansion, muscle growth, deflation, transfer, lesbian, sex, magic

Issue release date: May 24th, 2016

Written by: Extremist

Artwork by: BigJ (Sedna Studio)

Series Link: Dueling Divas

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Rise of the Guardian 3 – The Final Quest

The final chapter in Hennethel’s journey to become the Protector Goddess of her people is finally upon us, and so is her most fearsome opponent yet!

You dare not miss Rise of the Guardian 3, our most exciting and action-packed series finale to date!


Synopsis: Hennethel has located the final portion of the Goddess’ essence. To acquire it, she must face the red dragon known as Flamedeath. Dragons are among the most dangerous creatures ever to walk the earth. Will she be able to triumph against this monster?

rise_of_the_guardian_3___dragon_slayer_by_female_muscle_comics-d8gxtz4 nectar_of_the_goddess_by_female_muscle_comics-d8hjpve

Tags: Fantasy, muscle growth, breast growth, fighting, clothes ripping

Written by: Edward Gibbon

Lineart by: Emmanuel Xerx Javier

Colors by: Mohan

Cover Logo by: Andrea Errico

Pages: 15 + 1 Cover

Issue release date: June 10th, 2015

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Rise of the Guardian 2 – An Amazon Amongst Giants

Hennethel, everyone’s favourite Amazonian Elf, returns for an even sexier and more action packed chapter of Rise of the Guardian as her quest to become a muscle Goddess continues!


Synopsis: Hennethel learns the location of a second temple and she hopes that another portion of the Goddess’ essence is stored there. Unfortunately, the temple has been occupied by a band of Hill Giants. She’ll have to fight her way through this time, and her foes are bigger and stronger than before…

rise_of_the_guardian_2___a_handful_of_giants_by_female_muscle_comics-d8gkh8s better_the_second_time_around_by_female_muscle_comics-d8gr11r

Release Date: May 10th, 2015

Author: Edward Gibbon

Lineart: Emmanuel Xerx Javier

Colors: Francesca Piscitelli

Lettering: Kachimi

Cover Logo: Andrea Errico

Tags: Fantasy, muscle growth, breast growth, fighting, clothes ripping

Series Link: Rise of the Guardian

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