Growing Girls Versus Goblins – Dungeon Crawlers 2

Dungeon Crawlers makes its dramatic return with the release of this sequel that doubles the action, romance, and female muscle growth transformations!


Synopsis: After successfully defeating the goblins and obtaining the treasure held within their lair, Chastity has caught the treasure bug and seeks more adventure. Farah is still seeking something more. Perhaps this next adventure will prove advantageous for both of our heroines…

dungeon_crawlers_2___twofold_transformed_by_muscle_fan_comics-dcjcz1e muscle_growth_for_a_goblin_slayer_by_muscle_fan_comics-dcjcyt3

Tags: female muscle growth, personality change, height growth, combat, dungeons

Issue release date: October 24th, 2018

Written by Trent Harlow

Lineart by Max Duarte

Color by: Maycon DDS

Series Link: Dungeon Crawlers

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