Going, Going, Gum – Strong Flavor 4

The Strong Flavor series takes a detour into the realm of FMG-based revenge as two women discover that “Bubble Gro Gum” not only makes their muscles grow, it also makes their mutual ex-boyfriend’s muscles shrink…


Synopsis: Two more college women discover the muscle growth properties of the mysterious gum that has arrived on campus. But they quickly discover it has a different effect on men…

strong_flavor_4___side_effects_may_vary_by_muscle_fan_comics-dbo73eo bubblegum_popping_powerlifter_by_muscle_fan_comics-dbo7321

Tags: female muscle growth, female height increase, male muscle loss, shrinking man, clothes ripping, man shrinking out of clothes, feats of strength

Issue release date: December 10th, 2017

Written by: Urza

Artwork by: Kaka (Sedna Studio)

Series Link: Strong Flavor

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