Tribe of Transformation – Massive Passion

Are you sick and tired of all the miserable winter weather? So are we, but why settle for just warm… when you could have it HOT?

Muscle Fan invites you to spend this Christmas in the tropic jungle setting of Massive Passion, where a tribe of muscular amazons and towering giantesses look forward to engaging in all kinds of kinky fun.


Synopsis: An intrepid researcher enters an African rainforest in search of a tribe of amazon women whose source of power is the “essence” (the vaginal fluids of one, the breast milk of the other) of their duo guardians: a pair of giantesses. After being acquainted with the ways of the villagers, she bears witness to the guardians of the tribe.

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Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, amazon, giantess, sex, lesbian, size difference, height increase

Issue release date: December 24th, 2017

Written by: asdf

Artwork by: Dai (Sedna Studio)

Issue Link: Massive Passion

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