Super Strong Stevenson – The Strange and Sexy Case

Two Victorian era lesbians find themselves transforming into oversexed amazons as Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel gets the Muscle Fan treatment in The Strange & Sexy Case!


Synopsis: There was a period when the idea of a woman scientist was laughable. Heidi Stevenson knows that pain all too well, even having to suffer the mockery that came from her cousin’s book, which parodied her life’s work. It is that anger, combined with a simple slip of the tongue, that would help her achieve her greatest success…

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Tags: female muscle growth, beauty enhancement, breast growth, hair growth, personality change, role reversal, lesbian sex, romance

Issue release date: April 10th, 2018

Written by: Trent Harlow

Lineart by: Shonemitsu

Colors by: Slasher

Issue Link: The Strange & Sexy Case

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