Amazonian Apparitions – Pumped-Up Poltergeists 2

Muscle Fan‘s favourite group of ghost hunters (and FMG-friendly ghosts) are back and ready to grow even more powerful in the second chapter of Pumped-Up Poltergeists!


Synopsis: It’s haunting hour at the O’Hare Hotel and the girls are getting in over their heads. With the ghosts making their presence known, the cast has discovered their unusual… effects. What else will they experience now that they’ve gotten the spirits’ full attention?

pumped_up_poltergeists_2___possessed_by_power_by_muscle_fan_comics-dbz3wfn supernaturally_strong_by_muscle_fan_comics-dbz3wdm

Tags: female muscle growth, clothes destruction, size alteration, ghosts, uneven growth, breast shrinkage, breast growth, giantess, feats of strength

Issue release date: March 24th, 2018

Written by: Rolling Thunder

Lineart by Michela Da Sacco

Color by: Ross A. Campbell

Series Link: Pumped-Up Poltergeists

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