Growth Getaway – Better and Better 3

The Better and Better series keeps getting better and better as Jessica continues to grow superhumanly strong and horny!


Synopsis: As Dr. Jessica Egolf continues to grow more muscular and taller, she and her lover Dr. Paul Ahearn work to stay one step ahead of those who want to keep her condition a secret, even at the cost of locking Jessica away from the world. They come together in the woods for one more night of love. But can they keep Jessica out of the hands of the corporation that wants her hidden?

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Tags: female muscle growth, height increase, sex, feats of strength, fisting, blowjob, lift and carry, insertion, masturbation

Issue release date: April 24th, 2018

Written by: Mac Rome

Lineart by: Vincenzo Sansone

Color by Ross A. Campbell

Series Link: Better and Better

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