Powerful Photography – Buff Filter

We put the “super” in “super model” with Buff Filter, a sexy new one-shot about a woman whose musculature “develops” the more her body is “exposed” to a special camera!


Synopsis: A young woman decides to treat herself to a professional photo shoot. Little does she know that by ticking yes to the ‘Buff Filter’ affect, she has just signed up for more than just a few photographs.

buff_filter___muscle_model_by_muscle_fan_comics-datrso2 flexing_muscles_and_flashing_lights_by_muscle_fan_comics-datrsqh

Tags: Female muscle growth, female masturbation, oral sex, bodybuilder size woman has sex with regular size man, sex in the shower

Issue release date: March 10th, 2017

Written by: Lysander

Lineart by: Salo

Color by: Ylenia Di Napoli

Issue Link: Buff Filter

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