Triple Whammy Muscle Growth – Three-Way Experiment

In the inaugural chapter of Three-Way Experiment, two bodybuilders and a petite virgin participate in the unusually erotic clinical trial of a formula that will theoretically make the virgin’s musculature an exact copy of her two new lovers!


Synopsis: A researcher wishes to see if she can genetically copy musculature from one woman to another using a new formula. She finds that the secret may be using a threesome with a male to effect the process. With that in mind, she sets up a three-way experiment, which has more of an effect on all three than she expects!

Three-Way-Experiment_01-cover Three-Way-Experiment_01-preview

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, man muscle growth, male beard growth, three-way sex, hetero sex, lesbian sex, blowjob, science

Issue Release Date: May 10th, 2020

Written By: Mac Rome

Artwork By: Rukasu

Issue Link: Three-Way Experiment

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