The Goddess and the Growth – Aztec Muscle 4

All questions are answered and all women are transformed in the fourth and final issue of Aztec Muscle!


Synopsis: After being chosen and blessed by the Aztec goddess Xochiquetzal, James has returned to the United States a man marked by fate. Struggling to find balance with his blessing, James is pulled into a world of dreams by Xochiquetzal and promised that all shall be revealed. What truth will the goddess impart to young James?

aztec_muscle_4___xochiquetzal_dreams_by_muscle_fan_comics-dbjxh04 pumped_up_punk_girl_by_muscle_fan_comics-dbjxh3s

Tags: female muscle growth through magic, bodybuilder size woman having sex with man

Issue release date: October 24th, 2017

Written by: Lysander

Artwork by: Ponce (Altercomics)

Series Link: Aztec Muscle

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