Little Machines Creating Big Ladies – Assimilated

Rampaging nano-machines are a female muscle fan’s dream come true in the first issue of Assimilated, a new science fiction epic featuring the largest musculature our comics have EVER produced!


Synopsis: In the year 2371, Dr. Jeanine McCarthy is leading a group of scientists in the development of a nano-machine cluster designed to terraform Mars. Everything seems to be going according to plan, but then the nano-machines go rogue and start consuming the laboratory. Dr. McCarthy orders an immediate evacuation of the laboratory, and everybody escapes except for Dr. McCarthy. Dr. McCarthy is consumed by the nano-machines, but soon emerges as… something else.

assimilated___rise_of_the_nano_machines_by_muscle_fan_comics-dbkghvk female_muscle_growth_via_nano_machines_by_muscle_fan_comics-dbkghv9

Tags: giantess, muscle growth, nano-machines, slime, breast expansion, science

Issue release date: November 10th, 2017

Written by: Hank Birche

Artwork by: WantedWaifus

Issue Link: Assimilated

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