From Princess to Barbarian – Dungeon Crawlers

An arrogant damsel becomes an amazonian dynamo in the first issue of Muscle Fan‘s new action-packed fantasy adventure series: Dungeon Crawlers!


Synopsis: Every fair maiden desires their knight in shining armor to come to their rescue… but what happens when you’re a maiden so pompous and annoying that no hero thinks that you’re worth their time?

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Tags: female muscle growth, personality change, height growth, combat, dungeons

Issue release date: May 10th, 2018

Written by: Trent Harlow

Artwork by: Max Duarte

Issue Link: Dungeon Crawlers

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Female Muscle Fan – A Taste of Things to Come

Female Muscle Fan logoIn alphabetic order, our slate of upcoming titles currently includes:

Coyote Winds: Nina Covey and her boyfriend, Brady Carlin, are cursed by Native American trickster spirit Coyote. Sent back in time to the U.S.’ old West, muscle and size switch from Brady to Nina every time a coyote howls on the wind. To end the curse, they must solve a mystery and get home. But as Brady gets smaller, he becomes the target of a criminal. Can Nina outsmart the curse?

Duelling Divas: An ancient mystical tradition exists where women enhance their physical assets by fighting in special arenas with some very high stakes: when the loser submits, the winner steals any properties they want from the loser. It could be hair color, or bust size, or muscle mass, or anything. When Sandra’s village is raided by bandits, she must prove herself by defeating their leader, Eva, undefeated veteran of forty matches with power to match. But first, she must get through her rival Milla, a sorceress with her own impressive record… and along the way rediscover the lost sexual arts that allow her to make even the toughest opponent yield.

Oopsy: Hallie was the most popular girl at Alexander College until she was eclipsed by her roommate Alyssa, who’s cute, petite and perky. Determined to be number one at any cost, Hallie uses a science nerd’s formula to cause Alyssa to grow into a heavily-muscled woman who doesn’t know her own strength. Can a muscular Amazon still be the cutest, most popular girl in college?

PowerhouseAfter coming in contact with an ancient and mysterious artefact, a small time crook suddenly transforms into one of the city’s most brutal and ruthless crime-lords.

Schooner The Sailor Girl: Schooner the Sailor Girl and her friend Dimples find the island where the treasured strength-giving greens of the legendary Puffear the Pirate are located. Their boat is sunk by freak weather on the way in, but it’s not a coincidence. Two of Puffear’s most dangerous foes also have found the island, and they won’t give it up without a fight.

Stone Cold: When you want the best private detective, the hottest woman on your arm, or the strongest fighter in Coketown, you call on the same person: Silver Stone. Physically powerful and blazingly sexy, Silver is the most dangerous person in town. Now a woman lies dead, and any of the town’s many criminal elements could be in play. What will Silver do?

Strong Flavor: Two college girls often chastised by their male professor buy some special gum. The gum causes them to grow more muscular, taller, and bustier with each piece. They use the gum to exact some revenge on their misogynist instructor.

The Redd Effect: Anya Redd has been struggling to increase her muscles through training without success. She seeks out an old friend of her to help solve that problem with science. A solution is found, which gives Anya quite more than what she expected…

Urban AmazonFrom the pages of The Cleavage Crusader, witness the birth of Titan Peaks’ mightiest hero!

Wrestling Rose: Melissa Rose was once considered the best female wrestler of the Ultimate World Wrestling Alliance. A botched maneuver later and she ended up with a career ending injury that forced her into retirement. With help from a new experimental serum, she hopes to make one hell of a comeback to the ring!

New Additions:
Rise of the Guardian: The elves have been without a Protector God for several centuries, leaving them at the mercy of orcs, ogres, giants and dragons. One elven adventuress, Hennethel, discovers a potion in an abandoned temple that imbues her with a portion of the Protector God’s strength. If she can find the remaining ones, she will ascend and become a new goddess.

Stay tuned for more updates and previews of our upcoming comics. We are working hard on getting the website up for you guys!