Brain Becomes Brawn – Thinking Hard

A brilliant chemist’s attempts to cheat her way through a gym class with the creation of a mentally-activated steroid has the unfortunate side effect of making her height and musculature grow wildly out of control in Thinking Hard!


Synopsis: Genius chemist Leslie Longfellow is acing all her academic classes, but is in danger of failing her one Phys-Ed class, so she brews a potent muscle stimulant that activates whenever she concentrates on her body. After passing her Phys-Ed class, though, she discovers the stimulant activates whenever she concentrates on anything… and it’s finals week!

Thinking-Hard_cover preview

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, clothes ripping, height increase, outgrowing furniture, outgrowing doorways, science

Issue release date: April 24th, 2019

Written by: Soylent Orange

Artwork by: X geek

Issue Link: Thinking Hard

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