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Closely following the success of Maid of Honor, our first manga-inspired female muscle growth series, Muscle Fan is proud to announce the debut of Amazon! Amazon! Amazon!, an exciting new series featuring all kinds of sexy transformations and amazing displays of power!


Synopsis: Kinnikukawa University has a unique problem. There are too many clubs for the administration to help budget! To solve this issue, they organize MMA-style fights and let the clubs take a percentage of what they make for that night. It is the Go-hyakuen Club’s turn in the ring. And their fighter is the unbecoming Ami Tenkawa. However, by just uttering one simple word three times in a row, an amazing fighter is about to take the ring by storm!

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Tags: Female muscle growth, height growth, breast growth, hair growth, transformation, clothes destruction, fighting, reverting, hypnosis, manga

Issue release date: January 24th, 2017

Written by: Kaisai Morihito

Artwork by: Rukasu

Issue Link: Amazon! Amazon! Amazon!

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