Dragonslayer – She Fell From The Sky 2

Muscle Fan returns to the magical land of Daskar for a second adventure full of sex, female muscle growth, and astounding feats of strength as Tamara battles for her life against a rampaging dragon!


Synopsis: As Tamara Fels adapts to her life and super-strength in medieval Daskar, the community is attacked by a dragon released by the “Violet Horror.” Tamara must battle to save the village from the dragon. But what– or who– is the Violet Horror, and did the Horror have a role in stealing Tamara from her native Earth?

she_fell_from_the_sky_2___dragon_slayer_girl_by_muscle_fan_comics-damlguv a_warrior_forged_in_fire_by_muscle_fan_comics-damlguo

Tags: Muscle growth, feats of strength, sex, clothes ripping, blowjob, magic

Issue release date: January 10th, 2017

Written by: Mac Rome

Artwork by: Nekt

Series Link: She Fell From The Sky

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