Loud and Proud – Say My Name!

A simple wish gives a petite waitress the height and musculature of a female bodybuilder in Say My Name, a new comic for fans of female muscle growth transformations and lesbian sex scenes!


Synopsis: Emma’s wish makes her grow taller and stronger any time someone says her name.

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Tags: female muscle growth, clothes ripping, gentle giantess, wish fulfillment, magical transformation, female height growth, explicit sex, f/f sex, strength growth, lift and carry, button popping, breast expansion

Issue release date: May 24th, 2018

Written by: Arie McBride

Lineart by: Shonemitsu

Colors by: Ylenia Di Napoli

Issue Link: Say My Name!

Download this comic and all of our other Female Muscle comics at MuscleFan.com!


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