Tavern Tales – The Adventures of Bregwyn Firehide

Notheria’s greatest champion reveals the secret of how she got her incredible strength (and details one of her most amazing battles) in the exciting first issue of Muscle Fan‘s latest fantasy-adventure title: The Adventures of Bregwyn Firehide!


Synopsis: In the land of Notheria, humans live alongside elves, dwarves, and various other races. Notheria is a land of magic and adventure, and while many people are accustomed to orc raids and dragon attacks, nobody will ever get used to Bregwyn Firehide. So sit down, pour yourself a drink, and listen intently as Bregwyn introduces herself and recounts the tale of how she became the tallest and most muscular person in all of Notheria.

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Tags: mini giantess, muscle growth, fantasy, clothes ripping, feats of strength

Issue release date: June 10th, 2018

Written by: Hank Birche

Artwork by: Bokuman

Issue Link: The Adventures of Bregwyn Firehide

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