Getting Hot in the Bayou – Swamp Fever 3

It turns out that Kara wasn’t the only person to come down with a serious case of Swamp Fever – a scientist named Nina has been studying it for years, and she can also turn into a muscular bombshell! We bet these two will get along just fine…


Synopsis: Kara has transformed into a hulking version of herself… but she is not alone. The local wildlife is huge and dangerous. Can a local researcher, Nina, help the unlucky couple?

cover page

Written By: Lysander

Artwork By: r2roh

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, height increase, clothes ripping, breast expansion, feats of strength, lesbian, sex, pleasure, animal wrestling, science

Pages: 10 + 1 cover

Issue Release Date: December 24th, 2022

Series Link: Swamp Fever

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