Coyote Winds 3 – Nina’s Last Growth

The final chapter of Coyote Winds has arrived, bringing plenty of action, sex, and muscle growth for everyone! Download a copy today and read this unique adventure in its entirety!


Synopsis: Brady has chosen Miss Ella over Nina, leaving the now towering mass of female muscle to fend for herself in the old West of the United States. But Brady realizes Coyote brought them back in time and transformed them for a reason. Can Nina, now a bounty hunter, find the solution -­‐-­‐ and her future in the past?

coyote_winds_3___the_last_howl_by_female_muscle_comics-d818jhj strongest_woman_in_the_wild_west_by_female_muscle_comics-d818mw9

Tags: Female muscle growth, humiliation, muscle transfer, sex, extreme muscle

Written by: Mac Rome

Lineart by: Davide Tinto

Colours by: Teodoro Gonzalez

Lettering by: Kachimi

Cover Logo by: Andrea Errico

Pages: 15 + 1 Cover

Issue release date: April 24th, 2015

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