Changes and Complications – Better and Better 2

Things are starting to get complicated for the amazonian protagonist of Muscle Fan‘s erotic-science-fiction-romance Better and Better, but none of it can stop her from becoming even taller, stronger, and hornier than ever before!


Synopsis: As Dr. Jessica Egolf continues to get taller and more muscular, her boss at the company making the virus that started her growth becomes suspicious. With Jessica’s transformation becoming impossible to hide, she and her lover Paul deal with the consequences of her growing problem.

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Tags: Female muscle growth, lift and carry, feats of strength, clothes ripping, mini-giantess, female growth, sex, sex=growth, blowjob

Issue release date: September 24th, 2017

Written by: Mac Rome

Lineart by: Vincenzo Sansone

Color by: Ross A. Campbell

Series Link: Better and Better

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