Big Muscly Goth GF – Gothic Gains 2

Cassidy has become the biggest, baddest goth girl in town – and it seems like her strength spell might not be done with her yet! What’s a growing goth girl like her gonna do with all that power? Find out as Gothic Gains continues!

Synopsis: Cassidy just got herself an upgrade, going from gothic beauty to towering bombshell. With an ex-boyfriend in her rear view, she’s looking to find a new way of life for herself — not to mention finding the best use for her new body.

Written By: Rolling Thunder

Artwork By: Gabriel Rearte (AlterComics)

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, clothes ripping, height increase, breast expansion, ass expansion, attribute theft, muscle transfer, size transfer, muscle loss, revenge, feats of strength, humiliation, workout, natural fitness, magic

Pages: 10 + 1 cover

Issue Release Date: November 10th, 2023

Series Link: Gothic Gains

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