The Ghost of Muscle Girls Past – Swole Mama 2

Jackie ‘Swole Mama‘ Prince may have died in the 70s, but her story lives on in the present day – and a couple of college coeds are finding out just how real the urban legend is when they unwittingly invoke her angry spirit!


Synopsis: In 1975, professional bodybuilder Jackie Prince, the ‘Swole Mama’, died of a heart attack induced by steroid misuse. In the town of Glastonbury, Maine, a young first-year student learns the legend of the ‘Swole Mama’ and endures the petty revenge of Jackie Prince’s spirit…

Swole-Mama_02-logo-socialmedia Swole-Mama_02-page-socialmedia

Written By: Lysander

Lineart By: Mad Max Duarte

Colors By: Daniel Dw

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, height increase, ghosts, personality change, mind control, sex, magic

Pages: 10 + 1 cover

Issue Release Date: February 24th, 2023

Series Link: Swole Mama

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