Supernaturally Swole – Pumped-Up Poltergeists

A group of ghost hunters experience weight loss, uneven growth, and female muscle growth in the first issue Pumped-Up Poltergeists!


Synopsis: A group of girls try to start up a web series where they visit haunted locations to find ghosts. Their first stop is the O’Hare Hotel, where they do come across their first specters. However, they soon experience the ghosts in ways beyond expectations.

pumped_up_poltergeists___ghosts_of_growth_by_muscle_fan_comics-db8ic5s thickening_thigh_transformation_by_muscle_fan_comics-db8ic5l

Tags: female muscle growth, clothes destruction, size alteration, ghosts, uneven growth, breast shrinkage, breast growth

Issue release date: July 24th, 2017

Written by: Rolling Thunder

Lineart by: Michela Da Sacco

Color by: Ross A. Campbell

Issue Link: Pumped-Up Poltergeists

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