No Wishing for More Wishes! – The Genie’s Gift 5

Zareen is desperate to get the girls’ wild wishes under some kind of control – but the mischievous genie Amani is still having her fun! Can they regain any semblance of normalcy, or are they doomed to learn a hard lesson in being careful what you wish for?

Synopsis: The power of the jinn is not to be underestimated, as Zareen, Leyla, and Izzy have now realized. With fewer wishes between the three of them than ever, they will all need to act as carefully as possible if they hope to figure out a way to get everything they want…

Written By: Rolling Thunder

Artwork By: Exemi

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, breast expansion, height increase, mini-giantess, giantess, shrinking, muscle loss, deflation, feats of strength, magic

Pages: 10 + 1 cover

Issue Release Date: September 24th, 2023

Series Link: The Genie’s Gift

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