Transformative Taste Test – Supplemental

An untested formula for a new nutrition supplement changes a cute and tiny nerd girl into a sexy and musclebound amazon in Muscle Fan‘s Supplemental!


Synopsis: Research chemist Gary has been working on his formula for a superior nutrition supplement for years, and he has finally cracked the formula. However, things go awry when his friend Judy tries the untested product.

supplemental___nerd_girl_nutrition_growth_by_muscle_fan_comics-dcgwk93 muscle_growth_judy_by_muscle_fan_comics-dcgwjyk

Tags: female muscle growth, height increase, breast expansion, science, clothes ripping, awkward comedy, strength domination, sexual foreplay, sandals ripping

Issue release date: September 24th, 2018

Written by: Lysander

Lineart byShonemitsu

Colors byRoss A. Campbell

Issue Link: Supplemental

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