Star Trek Into Buffness – Empowering Explorations

Muscle Fan‘s newest title promises to boldly grow where no comic of ours has grown before: on an alien world where both musculature and lust can naturally grow to mind-blowing levels!


Synopsis: Members of the Guild of Space Exploration take to examining a planet for possible habitation. As they send away teams to study the planets’ flora and fauna, one pair manages to come across an amazing discovery… with ’empowering’ results…

Empowering-Explorations_01-cover-socialmedia Empowering-Explorations_01-preview-socialmedia

Tags: Muscle growth, breast growth, height growth, sci-fi, sex, clothes ripping

Issue release date: May 24th, 2017

Written by: Rolling Thunder

Lineart by: Salo

Color by: Ross A. Campbell

Issue Link: Empowering Explorations

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