Challenges of Amazon Island – Must See FMG

Muscle Fan presents Challenges of Amazon Island, the first issue in our FMG-centric look at the future of reality TV, from the combined talents of the writer of La Fuerza Del Amor and the artist behind Oopsy!

Featuring not one, not two, but FOUR sexy ladies experiencing varying levels of muscle growth and height increase, each competing to be the biggest and best of them all!


Synopsis: In the not-to-distant-future, a new game show made its debut on the airwaves. Centering the show around ancient civilizations of Latin America, contests much engage in a series of physical challenges to claim the top prize of the show. Some new twists have been added to the mix to make the show stand out even more…

challenges_of_amazon_island___fmg_tv_by_muscle_fan_comics-d9er5xd Chalenge of Amazon island 1 page 07 copy

Tags: Female muscle growth, feats of strength, female muscle reduction

Issue release date: January 24th, 2015

Written by: Rolling Thunder

Artwork by: Octo

Issue Link: Challenges of Amazon Island

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